Moldmaking Face Pour

For yesterday’s Head & Figure Sculpture 2 class, instructor Guy Wilson lead his class through the process of casting a mold off a student’s face. The casting will be used by students to sculpt a scaled-up face in relief, several times the size of the original.

First, a cardboard tray is framed around the face, with a straw to breathe

Quick-set rubber is mixed with water

Onto the face! A good time for the subject to Zen-out.


The rubber is spread evenly over the face as it quickly hardens

Next, plaster-impregnated gauze is used to form a hard shell over the rubber mold for added structure

A few minutes to let the gauze firm up…

…and voila! The mold is filled with plaster and allowed to harden, providing the life-size reference casting the students will use to sculpt a large head in relief