FASCU at the Cannery


2012 was an exciting year for students enrolled at Academy of Arts University’s School of Sculpture, with a number of classes moving from the 410 Bush campus in the city out to the scenic bayside locale at San Francisco’s historic Cannery building at Fisherman’s Wharf. The Cannery, an earthquake retrofitted 1907 structure that boasts classic architecture and fantastic high-ceiling studio interiors, is the perfect venue to inspire students looking to explore the sculptural arts or refine and enhance their artistic skills. The Cannery is also host to several AAU galleries that are open to the public and well-positioned to showcase our students’ work to the many travelers that frequent this landmark location.

Getting Oriented

As a way of introducing AAU’s new Cannery facility to both current and potential students who haven’t shuttled out to the wharf yet, we’ve posted a handful of photos above to give you a sense of what you’ll find when you visit us, including some peeks into the galleries and classrooms below. We hope you’ll stop by to visit us for a more thorough look at our facility and the wonderful amenities this new location has to offer (seriously, stay for lunch – there are TONS of great eateries!).

Who’s Where?

While many AAU Sculpture courses have moved out to the Cannery, some still currently reside at the original 410 Bush location. Here’s a breakdown of the FASCU (Fine Art – Sculpture) classes currently offered at each campus (these are the current Spring 2013 courses and are subject to change):

The Cannery (2801 Leavenworth St)

FND: 131: Foundations: Figure Modeling
FASCU 130: Sculpture 1
FASCU 180: Classical Figure Sculpture
FASCU 231: Ceramics Sculpture 1
FASCU 233: The Art of Moldmaking & Casting 1
FASCU 234: Head and Figure Sculpture 1
FASCU 270: Ecorche
FASCU 331: Ceramic Sculpture 2
FASCU 334: Head and Figure Sculpture 2
FASCU 337: Casting Bronze 1 (this course also utilizes AAU’s Foundry located at 360 Swift)
FASCU 345: Portrait Sculpture
FASCU 360: Life-Size Figure Modeling
FASCU 431: Ceramic Sculpture 3
FASCU 437: Casting Bronze and Metal 2 (also at 360 Swift)
FASCU 461: Ceramic Sculpture 4
FASCU 499: Special Topics: Maquette to Monument
FASCU 499: Special Topics: Glaze Technology
FASCU 620: MS: Figure Modeling
FASCU 630 MS: Advanced Figure Modeling
FASCU 632: MS: Ecorche: Sculpting the Figure from the Inside Out
FASCU 637: MS: Metals – Foundry
FASCU 638: MS: Clay – Advanced Techniques
FASCU 800: MS: Directed Study (multiple disciplines)
FASCU 801: MS: Group Directed Study: Clay

410 Bush Street

FASCU 230: Sculpture 2
FASCU 235: Welded & Fabricated Sculpture 1
FASCU 237: Neon / Illuminated Sculpture
FASCU 330: Sculpture 3
FASCU 335: Welded & Fabricated Metal Sculpture 2
FASCU 338: Wheel-formed Sculpture
FASCU 645: MS: Relief: Expression and Interpretation
FASCU 647: MS: Advanced Forging and Welding
FASCU 800: MS: Direct Study (multiple disciplines)
FASCU 801: MS: Group Directed Study: Mixed Media / Installation
FASCU 801: MS: Group Directed Study: Wood Sculpture

Beginning with the Spring 2013 semester, Jewelry is no longer part of the Sculpture department — learn more about the shiny new JEM department here!

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