Get Immortalized With Yoda and Indy at New Park

Later this summer, San Anselmo residents and Star Wars/Indiana Jones fans alike will have a new place to soak in the Marin County sunshine and become one with the Force. The San Anselmo Park project, which is being built on land donated by San Anselmo resident George Lucas and will feature two life-size bronzes sculpted by Academy of Art University’s very own Sculpture Chair Lawrence Noble, will provide San Anselmo residents with a new city jewel and visitor destination.

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Yoda and Indiana Jones bronzes by Lawrence Noble will be installed over a fountain at the new San Anselmo Park

Life-size Yoda and Indiana Jones bronzes by Lawrence Noble will be installed over a fountain at the new San Anselmo Park

The bronzes – a Yoda identical to the one installed at Lucasfilm’s Presidio and Big Rock Ranch campuses and an all-new life-size Indiana Jones – will tower over an artful stone fountain along the western edge of the park, which is located at the corner of San Anselmo Ave. and Magnolia Ave. While the land has been donated by Lucas, the fountain, benches, lampposts, drinking fountains, trees, landscaping and other features will be funded by donations collected by the San Anselmo Community Foundation – which is where fans and park enthusiasts come in!

In order to raise the $300,000 needed to fully fit out the park, fans and donors can contribute in varying amounts to receive a gratitude plaque installed on site in their name as well as a chance to name the park (see naming restrictions below). Like the Yoda fountain located at Lucasfilm’s Presidio campus, it’s hoped that the new San Anselmo Park will become a second Mecca of sorts for fans of the Lucas movies as well as to visitors of San Anselmo.

There are several ways to donate:

Platinum: $25,000 Yoda side of Fountain
Platinum: $25,000 Indiana Jones side of Fountain (CLAIMED)
Gold: $10,000 1 bench, plan calls for 5 total
Silver: $5,000 1 tree, plan calls for 8 total; 1 Vintage-looking Lamppost, plan calls for 2; Drinking fountain with lower dog spigot (CLAIMED)
Bronze: $2,500 1 bike rack, plan calls for 6 total; 1 bollard light, plan calls for 8 total

Recognition of your donation displayed in the park: $100 to $2,499

NAME PARK: Submit a name for the Park with $25 donation
Naming Themes: Imagination; Inspiration; Creativity
The PARK will not be named after George Lucas, the Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies nor any of the characters from the movies.

GENERAL DONATION: The San Anselmo Community Foundation will appreciate donations in any amount!

To make a donation, head on over to the San Anselmo Downtown Park Fund sponsorship page or to find out more about the project, check out their main site and Facebook page!