New Work by FASCU Instructor Thomas Marsh

New AAU Fine Art Sculpture online instructor Thomas Marsh recently shared one of his latest pieces with us, a 5-foot tall sculpture of St. Joseph, Protector of Preachers, which will soon be cast in bronze. From the artist:

“This sculpture represents St. Joseph of the Holy Family, and will be located in the courtyard of a priory (residence building) of a group of Dominican priests in Charlottesville, VA. The dog with the torch is a traditional symbol of the Dominican religious order. Joseph’s tools, tunic, and sandals are authentic representations of those items from that time period in the Middle East.”

Thomas Marsh is a classical figurative sculptor who has specialized in figure and portrait sculpture for public and private display since 1977. He is currently instructing FASCU online courses in Life-Size Figure Modeling (360OL1) and MS: Figurative Sculpture Portrait (642OL1).

Be sure to check out his incredible body of work at his official website here.